Thus spake the archon!


Thanks to Chris Madden, my archivist-in-chief, for catalysing these random musings:)

{this is a list}

  1. An archive(?),a catalogue(?) a list(?), a marginalia-ised/personalised list(?).
  2. A gay man’s (personal) gay/queer book archive or alternative nomenclatures above.
  3. Other approximate synonyms: assemblage, constellations (books circling round each other-and heteronormativity- in rhizomatically connected patterns)
  4. I do not want to be (overly) concerned with defining “archive”(though that is a noble task:)). Chris is more than able to do that glorious task; rather, I, personally, FEEL my archive: an alternative to the sign: which is made up of the signifier (“archive”) not quite/accurately matching up to the signified(a gaggle of queer/gay books, riotous, with attempts at organisation but overflowing categorization, like queerness itself!).
  5. Ergo, LIFE, which books reflect (and vice versa), is not always sequential/linear/categorisable; nor is thought itself. Life and thought are-more often and truthfully-tangential, contrapuntal, contingent (sometimes); layers running concomitantly and in parallel. The LIFE archive- of gay…

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